Risper Ntinyari, Dr. Samson Paul Nyang’au


Resource management is a key element to activity resource estimating and project resource management. Poor performance of health projects in the NGO is not by chance but the failures to effectively manage project resources. The general objective was to examine the effect of resource management practices on performance of donor funded health projects in Nairobi City County, Kenya.  The specific objectives were the effect of resource allocation and task management on performance of donor funded health projects in Nairobi City County, Kenya. The study adopted a descriptive research design.   The unit of observation was 379 project managers of the health projects implemented by the NGOs. Yamane sampling formula was used to get a sample of 194 project managers that were sampled using stratified random sampling. Data was collected using questionnaires. A pilot was conducted with 19 project managers representing 10% of the sample size.  This study used construct and content validity. The Cronbach Alpha coefficient was used to measure reliability. Quantitative data was coded and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Version 28. Data was tabulated and interpreted accordingly.  Validity results show that the average congruency percentage was 92.42% implying that the content validity was acceptable. Correlation analysis revealed strong positive correlations between performance and resource allocation (r = 0.769, p = 0.000) and task management (r = 0.792, p = 0.000). Regression analysis further supported these findings indicating significant positive beta coefficients for resource allocation (β = 0.308, p = 0.000) and task management (β = 0.375, p = 0.000), indicating that improvements in these areas positively influence project performance. Consequently, the study concludes that effective resource management practices significantly enhance the performance of donor-funded health projects in Nairobi City County. To optimize project outcomes, it is recommended that project managers prioritize investments in allocation and task management processes. These findings underscore the importance of strategic resource management in ensuring the success and sustainability of health projects in resource-constrained settings.

Key Words: Resource Management Practices, Resource Allocation, Task Management, Performance, Donor Funded Health Projects, Nairobi City County

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