Daisy Peleisa, Dr. Judith Chepkemoi, Dr. Mary Mwanzia


This study sought to explore the strategy implementation and performance of agro-pastoralism in Kajiado County, Kenya. The objectives of the study were: To examine the effect of communication plan and control systems on performance of agro-pastoralism in Kajiado County, Kenya. To achieve the set objectives, the study adopted a descriptive research design, and used both qualitative and quantitative approaches. This study focused on pastoralists integrating with crop farming; thus, the study's target population included 269 micro enterprises integrating both crops and livestock in Kajiado County. Systematic random sampling was used to sample 161 respondents. The study used structured questionnaire as the main mode of data collection, and the research questions were statistically tested at α = 0.05. The collected data was edited, coded and entered into MINITAB 14 software for analysis. Data was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. In particular, Regression Analysis was used to investigate the relationships between hypothesized variables. The findings of this study highlight the critical role of effective strategy implementation in enhancing the performance of agro-pastoralism microenterprises in Kajiado County, Kenya. Firstly, the study emphasizes the importance of clear goal setting, community engagement, and stakeholders' participation in driving the success of agro-pastoralism microenterprises. Finally, the performance of agro-pastoralism microenterprises is significantly influenced by the successful implementation of these strategies. This study recommends that there is a need to develop and implement a comprehensive communication plan that fosters effective community engagement, stakeholder participation, and goal setting within agro-pastoralism microenterprises

Key Words: Communication Plan, Control Systems, Strategy Implementation And Agro-Pastoralism Microenterprise

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