Lilian Wangui Kahoi, Dr. Annastacia K. Musembi


The general was to assess the effect of project planning dependencies on performance of voice infrastructure program in Narok County, Kenya. The specific objectives were to determine effect of planning dependencies; external dependencies, and discretionary dependencies on performance of voice infrastructure program in Narok County, Kenya. This study used descriptive research design.  The study targeted the project supervisors and managers from the 5 companies that were contracted to implement the projects in the 8 locations hence the unit of observation was 160 respondents. This study adopted census by focusing on all 160 project senior staff who were representatives of both the project managers and project supervisors from the companies contracted to implement the voice projects. The study used questionnaires to collect data. The research instruments’ validity and reliability was determined through pilot testing. A pilot was conducted with16 project management staff that were not included in the actual study. The study used content and construct validity. The researcher tested the reliability of questionnaires using Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient.  Data was coded and then analysed using  Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) computer software version 28. The study used both descriptive and inferential statistics. Findings were tabulated.  Findings showed that;  a strong significant relationship between external dependencies and project performance (r=0.841, p=0.000), and a strong significant relationship between discretionary dependencies and project  performance (r=0.878, p=0.000). The recommendations are that; The organizations should strictly adhere to procurement laws and ethics which  will ensure that the right process of selecting contractors are followed. Project managers should invest in Cargo tracking systems which will enable them to keep the materials on transit in real time. The project management should improve on ethics among the project team. The project team should be sensitized on the importance of confidentiality.

Key Words: Project Planning Dependencies, External Dependencies, Discretionary Dependencies, Voice Infrastructure Program, Narok County

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