Sylvia Andika Ambatsa, Dr. Faith Mutwiri


Inefficient monitoring and evaluation practices have led to failure of substantive projects to accomplish their objectives. The government of Kenya also lacks monitoring and evaluation practices due to poor standards (KNBS, 2019). In a study done in 2015 showed that Kakamega county lacked a county M&E plan, a health sector communication strategy, M&E policy, structure and human capacity. Alarmingly, by the end of 2022/2023, 49% of Kenyan counties, including Kakamega county, neither shared their success stories nor updated the e-CIMES platform. These challenges in monitoring and evaluation reporting are significantly impacting decision-making processes within the counties. The study aimed therefore to determine the influence of monitoring and evaluation practices on performance of TB control programs in Kakamega County, Kenya. Specific objectives which guide the study are; to determine the influence of M&E planning on the performance of TB Control programs; to establish the influence of M&E capacity building on the performance of TB control programs. Two theories that were adapted in this study included management theory and human capital theory. A descriptive research design was used for this study. A total of respondents targeted 65 respondents. It was a censured study, allowing all members of the population to be interviewed due to the small sample size. The study used questionnaires to collect primary data. A total of 6 individuals participated in the pilot test which represents 10% of the target population. Data from questionnaires were coded and analysed using the latest Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) computer software. The study findings reveal that M&E planning significantly influence the performance of TB control programs in Kakamega County. Through correlation analysis, it was established that there is a strong positive correlation between M&E planning and TB program performance. The results indicate a significant relationship between M&E capacity building and the performance of TB control programs. Correlation analysis revealed a strong positive correlation between M&E capacity building and TB program performance. Based on the findings, it is recommended that Kakamega County enhances its M&E planning to further improve the performance of TB control programs. To achieve this, the county should prioritize activities such as regular review and adjustment of resource allocation processes, ensuring alignment of budgets with program objectives, and enhancing the dissemination of comprehensive work plans for TB control initiatives. To enhance the performance of TB control programs, Kakamega County should focus on strengthening M&E capacity building. This can be achieved by investing in regular and tailored training programs for project staff to equip them with the necessary technical expertise for effective monitoring and evaluation


Key Words: Monitoring and Evaluation Practices, M&E Planning, M&E Capacity Building and Performance of TB Control Programs

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