Peris Wairimu Mwaniki, Dr. Yusuf Muchelule


The performance of public irrigation schemes is way off the mark, realizing only 40% of the target production levels and 28% of the expected revenues compared to private operated irrigation schemes. The general objective was to examine effect of project risks management on performance of small scale irrigation projects in Kenya.  The specific objectives were the effect of; acceptance and identification, on performance of small scale irrigation projects in Kenya. The study was guided by two theories; uncertainty theory and prospect theory,. The theories are related to the study objectives. The study employed a descriptive research design. The study targeted The study targeted 24 public and private small scale irrigation projects implemented in Kenya. The unit of observation 172 personnel involved in the implementation of the irrigation projects; the PCU chairpersons,  the counties’ ministry of water and irrigation officials, project management committee members, and block leaders. The sample size was determined using census since the study population is less than 200.  The study used primary data. The study carried out a pilot test with 17 senior staff involved in management of irrigation projects. The study used content and construct validity. Reliability was tested using Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient. Data was analyzed using SPSS Version 28. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used. The descriptive statistics included frequency, percentage, and mean while inferential statistics included correlation and regression. Risk acceptance affects project performance. The project managers accept the project risks through allocation of resources though they are not enough which may affect project budget. Risk identification affects project performance.  Prior identification of project risks enables the project managers to adequately plan or the risks. Professional should involve professionals in management of irrigation projects. The professionals will offer guidance on the possible risks and how to identify them. Identification of the root causes of risks may greatly help in preventing the risks from occurring. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries should organize training program for the agricultural officers that oversee implementation of the irrigation projects


Key Words: Risk Management Practices, Risk Acceptance, Risk Identification And Performance Of Small-Scale Irrigation Projects

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