Eunice Kanini Matheka, Dr. Anne Marie Wairimu Mungai


Project integration management involved coordinating certain aspects such as stakeholder demands, customer expectations, and activities to successfully implement a project. Project integration management practices can contribute to efficient and effective implementation of projects.  The main objective was to determine the effect of project integration management on performance of digitalized projects in telecommunications industry in Nairobi City County, Kenya. The specific objectives were to examine effect of integrating project knowledge and managing project work on performance of digitalized projects in telecommunications industry in Nairobi City County, Kenya. The study was guided by knowledge management theory and resource dependency theory. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The unit of analysis was 12 main mobile money transfer projects implemented by three telecommunication companies in Kenya. The study unit of observation was 15 program managers, 70 project coordinators, and 180 project staff. Sampling while the project coordinators and project staff was sampled using simple random sampling.  Yamane 1967 formula was used to sample 160 respondents selected using stratified random sampling. The study used questionnaires to collect data. The pilot was conducted with 25 staff from the telecommunication firms. The study used content and construct validity. Reliability was measured using Cronbach's Alpha Coefficient with a cut of point of 0.7. The data was analyzed analysis using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Version 28. The study used descriptive and inferential statistics. Data was presented in tables.  Findings show that; there is a strong significant relationship between integrating project knowledge and performance of digitalized projects was (r= 0.904, p-value=0.000) and a strong significant relationship between managing project work and performance of digitalized projects was (r = 0.926, p-value=0.000). The study recommendations are project scope changes must be understood by the project managers as well as all parties involved, project team members should not only share their own knowledge but also facilitate access to their informal knowledge networks and communities of practice, work   breakdown structure should be well documented to guide the project activities, and there should be a well-documented process of monitoring overall project performance.


Key Word: Project Integration Management, Integrating Project Knowledge, Managing Project Work and Performance of Digitalized Projects

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