Esther Waithira Muita, Dr. Yusuf Muchelule


Project management information systems (PMIS) has become an essential tool in contemporary organization and 21st century project managers cannot afford the losses, delays, and disappointments often triggered by redundant projects. PMIS has thus become a strategic resource for project managers when seeking optimal level of project performance.  The general objective of this study was to examine the effect of project management information system on performance of refugee humanitarian projects in Nairobi County, Kenya. The specific objectives were to examine effect of; resource management and PMIs user acceptance on performance of refugee humanitarian projects in Nairobi County, Kenya. The study was guided by two theories that are linked up with the study objectives; resource based view theory and technology acceptance theory. The researcher adopted a descriptive survey design. The study targeted 15 NGOs that are implementing partners of UNHCR who are mandated to coordinate activities and programs related to refugees and have implemented projects in the last 5 years. The unit of observation was the 250 humanitarian project managers. The sample size was 154 project managers determined using Yamane 1967 sampling formula. Stratified random sampling was used for sampling. Questionnaires were used to collect data. A pilot test was conducted with 15 project managers representing 10% of the sample. In this study, content and construct validity was used. Cronbach's Alpha test was used to test reliability. Data was analyzed using SPSS Version 28.  Findings were tabulated. Validity results show that; resource management   had an AVE value of 0.541, user acceptability AVE of 0.543, and project performance an AVE of 0.528.  Reliability results show that resource management 0.776, user acceptability 0.784, and project performance had an alpha value of 0.733 which is an acceptable scale. The findings of the actual study, with statistically significant values (p < 0.05), reveal significant relationship between project management information system and the performance of refugee humanitarian projects in Nairobi City County, Kenya. Notably, resource management (β = 0.368, p = 0.002) and PMIS user acceptability (β = 0.411, p < 0.001) were found to positively influence project performance. These results underscore the critical role of PMIS in effective project management practices and stakeholder engagement in driving project success.



Key Words: Resource Management, PMIS User Acceptability, Performance of Refugee Humanitarian Projects

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