Simiyu Walubengo Kizito, Dr. Yusuf Muchelule


Background: This study sought to investigate the influence of transformational leadership on performance of administrative police service in Kiambu County, Kenya. The study focused on individualized consideration and inspirational motivation as the independent variables while performance of administration police service in Kiambu county was the dependent variable. The study was guided by transformational leadership theory.

Methodology: The study used descriptive research design. and explanatory research design. The study targeted top and middle management administration officers in Kiambu County. The unit of observation was lower ranks officers, community policing representatives, national government administrators, human right organizations and IPOA representative about 445 respondents. Thus, a sample of 211 respondents was administered with questionnaire.

Findings: In the regression analysis individualized consideration (β = .986   sig = .000) inspirational motivation (β = -1.222 sig = .000) significantly performance of administration police service. Kiambu County. Inspirational motivation (Beta = -1.255) had the highest influence on performance of water project followed by Individualized consideration (Beta = 1.129).

Keywords: Transformational leadership, individualized consideration, inspirational motivation, performance of administration police service.

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