Keith Kilonzo Kitungo, Dr. Annastacia K. Musembi


The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of project planning practices on the performance of Kenya Rural Roads Authority projects in Machakos County. On the other hand, the specific objectives of the study were: to determine the influence of project scope planning; and to establish the influence of project schedule planning on the performance of Kenya Rural Roads Authority projects in Machakos County. The study was pegged on theory of change. The study conducted both descriptive and inferential analysis. The study found that project scope planning (β = .913, sig = .000), project schedule planning (β = .904, sig = .000) had significant positive relationship with performance of Kenya Rural Roads Authority projects in Machakos County. The study recommended the adoption of project planning practices in Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) projects in Machakos County to improve performance.

Keywords: Project planning practices, KeRRA, performance of projects

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