Derrick Lucas Lumbasio, Dr. Robert Mang’ana


This study sought to investigate the influence of strategic controls on performance of customs and border control at Kenya revenue authority. The study was guided by the following specific objectives: - to determine the effect of strategic surveillance controls on performance of customs and border control at Kenya Revenue Authority and to establish the effect of strategic implementation controls on performance of customs and border control at Kenya Revenue Authority. The study adopted a descriptive research design to measure the influence of strategic controls on performance of customs and border control at Kenya revenue authority. The target population for the study was 308 employees of Customs and Border Control department, the respondents were drawn using stratified and purposive sampling technique. Taro Yamane will be used to give a sample size of 174. The study used structured questionnaire to collect primary data and SPSS was used to analyze data. Descriptive and Inferential statistics was used to establish the relationships that exist between the variables. The correlation coefficient was used to measure the relationship between independent variables and dependent variable while the regression analysis was used to measure the strength between the independent and dependent variables. Data was presented in form of tables, graphs and charts. The pilot study showed that the research instruments were valid and reliable to be used for the main data. The findings of the study showed that strategic controls had a positive effect on performance. Inferential statistics showed that strategic controls were statistically significant and a positive correlation with performance of customs and borders department. The study recommended that in sensitive sectors such as the immigration and border department, where unfavorable unforeseen circumstances are most likely to occur, it is prudent for managers to always have a contingency and a counter attack plan for their survival.

Key Words: Strategic Controls, Strategic Surveillance Controls, Strategic Implementation Controls, Performance, Customs And Border Control, Kenya Revenue Authority

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